opinion pieces

  • Farmers, Vegans, Unite! Working together for the planet
    Maude Agombar talks to a third-generation farmer from Cardiff and a representative of the Vegan Society from Birmingham to explore the relationship between veganism and farming The BBC recently released the docu-series Veganville where vegan activists spent three weeks in a rural Welsh community, Merthyr Tydfil, attempting to educate the residents about veganism. The series […]
  • Environmental impacts of Coronavirus
    Coronavirus lockdown has highlighted the environmental problems humans cause the planet. As we are forced to stay indoors, the natural world is recovering.
  • Coronavirus is turning the NHS into a charity
    The coronavirus pandemic in the UK has forced the already under-funded NHS to require donations in order to survive and ensure adequate healthcare
  • The problem with WeightWatcher’s Kurbo
    WW, formerly WeightWatchers, launched a new health app for children called Kurbo, and as someone with an eating disorder past, I find it hugely problematic.
  • Is it morally justifiable to listen to Michael Jackson’s music?
    After the documentary Leaving Neverland, alleging Michael Jackson was a child abuser, I discuss whether it is possible to separate the art from the artist.